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    Commander Null

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  • No nonsense pages! (Random gibberish pages)
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Have fun, and follow these rules!

Manual Of Style/Page Style

Here is how pages are formatted on this wiki:


Which is used for describing who a certain character is.


Which describes what occurred or happened to a certain character. (Only add if the character is more well-known!)


Describes how the character acts or how their behavior is. (Only add if the character's personality is featured or known!)


Describes how a certain character looks or what a certain character looks like. (Add image if available.)


Describes a bit more about a certain character; such as how they were created or why they were created.


Describes when a certain character is shown, seen, or has appeared.

This is a simple and easy format to follow! Nothing else is necessary!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask the founder or admins! Thank you!

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