Commander Fayl (CC-1375) was an Elite Clone Officer under the command of the 317th Assault Corps. led by Jedi General Ben Otaga during the Clone Wars.


A brave and fearless warrior, Fayl was a heroic soldier who never doubted or questioned orders by his superiors and always strived to completing missions successfully one way or another (despite his ironic name.) Although having a misleading nickname; he was first given the unusual nickname or alias due to nearly failing every training simulation on Kamino, thus being teased and insulted by other Clone cadets.

Commander Fayl fought in many battles alongside his loyal Jedi General until Order 66, when he was forced to execute his mentor, but nearly missed while aiming. Although accused of being a traitor, him and his General both settled an agreement, thus becoming rogue militia leaders fighting against the 501st Legion and Darth Vader, up until meeting their fate on the Death Star; where they attempted to destroy the super laser.


Commander Fayl's Phase 1 armor consists of similar gear as Commander Cody and Captain Rex, while his Phase 2 armor has minor alterations.

His facial appearance consists of multiple scars, most notably his unusual "H-shaped" scar which was formed from his first encounter with General Grevious.


Commander Fayl was created by founder HenryDuckFan.