The 101st Airbourne Corps. were a battalion of Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars Era led by Jedi General Ellis Tarful, Admiral Riff Kingson, and Clone Commander Null.
Commander Null 2

Commander Null in Phase 1 armor.


The battalion was formed (like every other distinguished unit) during the middle of the Clone Wars, and fought in many airbourne battles and missions. They were often assigned to other units; such as the 501st Torrent Co., 187th Corps., Horn Company, 104th Wolfpack Co., 212th Attack Battalion, as well as the 316th Infantry Corps. (fanon) and 317th Assassin Corps. (fanon).

They unfortunately met their fate during the Battle of Dantooine (fanon) towards the end of the Clone Wars Era, in which General Grievous defeated them after being captured by TX-57; an experimental tactical droid.


The battalion has turqoise and teal-colored markings for the officers and Standard Clone Troopers of the battalion.

Notable MembersEdit

Commander Null (Senior Clone Officer)

ARC Lieutenant Flexor (former 316th Infantry Corps. officer)

Trix (Platoon Sergeant)

Mouse (Platoon Sergeant)

Boxer (Platoon Sergeant)
Sgt. Trix

Sergeant Trix with his helmet removed.


The 101st Airbourne Corps. are loosely based and named from the 101st Airboune Division in the US Army.

They closely resemble the battalion led by Keelyvine Reus from the Clone Wars "Act On Instinct" comic. Aside from TX-57 loosely resembling "Doctor".

It consists of clone paratroopers.


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